oh dear

July 6, 2006

neglection again….

Sox are going OK…we are in 1st place although we have just lost 3 in a row to tampa bay..would like to think things will pick up in the next batch of games but we go to play the White Sox next!

I guess we will see….

Ta ta for now..



June 5, 2006

…old me.

SERIOUS blog neglection of late!!!

Lots of stuff has happened since my last entry..the Sox have won 12, lost 7 and had two postponed (against Texas).  Time to kick some butt against the Yankees in their house this week…however our pitching is slightly weakened but, the Yankees are dropping like flies too..Damon has been sitting out with his shoulder, Sheffield on the DL indefinitely, Jeter hbp last night and had to leave the game and apparently A-Rod has also had a "sore back" so has missed a couple….Keep em crossed that the Yanks are more banged up than we are….

On a lighter note, congrats to two of our former players the last couple of nights….Millar homering last night (agains the Yankees woohoo!!) and Arroyo for not only being an excellent pitcher on Saturday but being a hitting and rbi machine too!!

Well done boys!!!!


May 14, 2006

….neglected the old blog for a while…

been some good results for us though…won 6 of our last 8…shame that we've been rained out though this weekend – will be some pretty great double headers for fans in June though when the rangers come back…

Have absoutely LOVED the yankees results we've had lately..the 14-3 on 9 May was particularly sweet…go sawx!

Away at Baltimore tomorrow…fingers crossed for a sweep there..although I hope that Mr Millar does OK…though we dont want him hitting any HRs!  Sorry Kev!!

toronto- was a no go!

May 3, 2006

however, we managed to take one against tampa and the of course came the yankees – classic on monday night…

the return of mirabelli and damon..mirabelli must have made wakefield's confidence soar – he was awesome – great result – weel done to our big papi too…another HR..

MVP 2006?  Bloody well should be!!!

Toronto again tonight…lets see if we can get a win – come on Joshua!!!  Take Halliday out!!!!

here we go red sox?

April 29, 2006

here we go?
fingers crossed for a win against tampa tonight…game currently in progress…we NEED a win!
I read Toronto were basically top today..and that is something I DO NOT like!
Mind you, better than it being the yankees….
Lets see if your offense can kick some nuts tonight…so far things dont look good..I am a little scared at the possibility of Wakefield facing the Yankees on Monday night..Damon is starting to shift up a gear too..that little git hit 2 HRs tonight…
And the D-Rays just took a 2-0 lead against us now…it could again get nasty…for my sins I am going to see what happens next…
Night for now….!


April 25, 2006

Schill get in the history books tonight and be the 3rd ever Red Sox pitcher to get 5 wins in April….fingers crossed…Cleveland are my 2nd team but would love Schill to do his thing tonight….


naughty naughty….

April 24, 2006


I havent blogged for sometime..you can blame Nintendo and it's ANIMAL CROSSING WILD WORLD for that though.  Seriously, this thing is disturbingly addictive.   My hubby took the mick out of me but now he is drawn into the world of crazy talking pigs/ponies/otters and guitar playing dogs!

Go KK Slider!!!


tut tut tut

April 13, 2006

oh boomer, you let us down!

well, clement tonight..keep les cadburys crossed….

 off to read my ANIMAL CROSSING manual now…I may be away for some time…


April 12, 2006

Well, here we are….Sox are 6-1 and things are looking good for our pitching staff..and things were looking good for the namesake of this blog….2 HRs for Mr Nixon..until of course he pulled his groin in the 3rd inning pf the home opener on Monday….fingers crossed he will be back soon.
So, them Yankees got another huge win tonight…still not good enough and up near the top with us though…hee hee hee. Cant wait for the first game against them on 1 May, am SO intrigued as to the type of reception Johnny Damon will get…a bad one I should imagine…still..thats what you get for going over to the darkside!!
Boomer Wells pitching for us tonight…could end up being a loss but then you never know with Boomer…he might really pull it out of the bag…so until next time…here’s hoping for 7-1 tonight…come on Boomer!!

Sox Win!

April 4, 2006

7-3 to the Boys last night..first moon shot of the year by Mr Ortiz..unfortunately those damn Yankees won too!!  Still, as long as we can match em and do better than them come the end of the season we'll be right!!  Go Sox!

On a sadder note, Martin Gilks, ex-wonderstuff drummer has passed away.  He was 41. A tragic end to a damn fine musicians life.  There is  a book of condolence…RIP Gilksy